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Port Bienville Trans-Loading Terminal Facility Completion

Implementing Organization

Department Of Environmental Quality Mississippi


DWH Project Funding


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Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 1: The Direct Component


Project Category

Human and Social

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This project will provide additional infrastructure that will benefit the economy of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region by completing the construction of the trans-loading terminal facility at Port Bienville Industrial Park. The trans-loading terminal will allow for shipments to be moved from one mode of transportation to another. Direct Component funds will be used for planning and constructing a bulkhead with mooring facilities and extending an existing rail line for use as a trans-loading terminal facility. The proposed project will foster regional economic growth by creating transportation and access efficiencies for existing and prospective industry. This project aligns with the economic development and infrastructure priorities developed by the GoCoast 2020 Commission.


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