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Council Monitoring & Assessment Program Development (USGS) (Planning)

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US Department of the Interior (DOI)


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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 2: Comprehensive Plan


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The monitoring and assessment program, administered jointly by NOAA and USGS, will fund the development of basic foundational components for Gulf region-wide monitoring in order to measure beneficial impacts of investments in restoration. Through collaboration with the Gulf States, federal, and local partners, academia, nongovernmental/non-profit organizations, and business and industry, the program will utilize a Community of Practice (CoP) to leverage existing resources, capacities, and expertise and build on existing monitoring data and programs. The program will: (1) conduct an inventory and gap analysis of existing data and monitoring systems; (2) develop and provide recommendations to the Council for common standards and protocols; (3) establish metrics needed to measure influence of water quality and habitat restoration; (4) establish baseline conditions; and (5) provide recommendations to the Council on how to address gaps and future needs.


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Department of the Interior (DOI), Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA)

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