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Species Identification Training for Effective Monitoring and Management of Harmful Algal Blooms

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Texas A&M University Galveston


DWH Project Funding


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Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 5: Centers of Excellence Research Grant Program


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Human and Social

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Effective monitoring and management of harmful algal blooms, over growths of algae that can impact ecosystems and human and animal health, relies on accurate and timely identification of the species involved. However, many trained in this specialty are either retired or retiring. This program will provide critical comprehensive training in identification and taxonomy for scientists, technicians and managers.


Larry McKinney
(361) 825-2070
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Project Partners

Antonietta Quigg, Jay Rooker, David Wells, Michael Dance, Greg Stunz, David Portnoy, Richard Kline

Affiliated Institutions

Grant funds to support the development of algal taxonomic and identification training programs.

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