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Early-Career Research Fellow - Brad Erisman

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The National Academies of Sciences and Engineering Gulf Research Program (NASEM GRP)


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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – Gulf Research Program (NASEM - GRP)

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NASEM Gulf Research Program Fellowships


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Education and Outreach

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Fish/Fish Habitats

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Dr. Erisman is an assistant professor of fisheries ecology at the University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute. He received his B.S. in aquatic biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, his M.S. degree in biology from California State University Northridge, and his Ph.D. in marine biology from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. After earning his doctorate, he remained at Scripps as a postdoctoral scholar and assistant research scientist for several years, during which time he co-founded the Gulf of California Marine Program. He currently leads several projects related to fishes and fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, California, the Indo-Pacific, and Mexico. Dr. Erisman’s research focuses on understanding interconnections among fish spawning aggregations (FSAs), ecosystems, fisheries, and climate. FSAs are productivity hotspots critical to marine food webs and ecosystem function. They also support the most productive and important commercial, recreational, and subsistence fisheries.


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