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MAV Wetlands Conservation I

Implementing Organization

Ducks Unlimited, Inc.


DWH Project Funding


Known Leveraged Funding


Funding Organization

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)

Funding Program

North American Wetlands Conservation Act NAWCA


Project Category


Project Actions

Land Acquisition/Protection

Targeted Resources

Birds/Bird Habitat

Project Description

The MAV Wetlands Conservation I is the first phase of a project focused on protection, restoration and enhancement of priority wetlands in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley (LMAV) on public lands by leveraging strategic conservation easements on private lands in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Wetlands in the LMAV support a rich diversity of wildlife species. Forested, scrub-shrub and emergent wetlands and associated uplands in the region provide migration and wintering habitat for millions of wetland dependent and associated migratory birds. However, the LMAV has lost a substantial amount of its wetlands due to changes in hydrology and conversion to agriculture. The completion of proposed work will build on past NAWCA investments in wetlands conservation in the proposal area and will set a foundation for future efforts to help mitigate some of those degradations and ensure that the LMAV continues to fulfill its historical role as one of the most important landscapes in North America for continental populations of waterfowl, wading birds, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent migratory birds. This proposal will protect, restore and enhance 4,137 acres on federal, state and private lands in Mississippi. The project will improve habitat conditions or protect habitat for 6 NAWCA Priority waterfowl species, 5 NAWCA Other Priority waterfowl species, and 12 other species of waterfowl. Increased foraging, nesting or roosting habitat will benefit 20 NAWCA Priority Species of wetland-dependent migratory birds from Bird Conservation Regions 26 and 27.


Nick Biasini
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Cypress Brake Tree Farms, Mississippi Department Of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Mississippi Land Trust

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