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Utilizing Secondary Data to Assess the Health and Health System Impacts of Natural and Technological Disasters in the Gulf

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Texas A&M University Health Science Center


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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – Gulf Research Program (NASEM - GRP)

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NASEM Gulf Research Program Grants


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Public Health Research

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Community and Human Health

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Socially vulnerable groups who live in hazard-prone coastal areas such as the Gulf Coast are disproportionally at risk from both natural and technological disasters such as oil spills. The project researchers plan to integrate publicly available federal data and individual medical claims data in order to conduct a large-scale evaluation of the effects of disasters on the health status and health system utilization of Medicare beneficiaries living in coastal Gulf communities. Such efforts could help policymakers anticipate risks posed by future disasters and help enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities.


Jennifer A. Horney
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