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Enhancement of Habitat for Waterfowl in Northern Yucatan Peninsula

Implementing Organization

Ducks Unlimited De Mexico, A.C.


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Funding Organization

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)

Funding Program

North American Wetlands Conservation Act NAWCA


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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Targeted Resources

Birds/Bird Habitat

Project Description

The Yucatan Peninsula wetlands are essential ecosystems given their ecologic, economic and cultural value. It is one of the first resting and feeding stopovers during the north-south migration. Conservative estimates indicate an average of over 250,000 ducks in the region during winter, mainly Blue-winged Teal, and up to 50,000 shorebirds. Recent studies have also revealed that the northern wetlands of the Yucatan Peninsula are wintering sites for 38 of the 41 shorebirds recorded for the Gulf of Mexico, including Piping Plover, Black-necked Stilt, Whimbrel, Long-billed Curlew, Red Knot, and Long-billed Dowitcher. However, disturbances caused by harbor construction and several hurricanes have reduced important mangrove and marine grassland habitat for these species. This project will work to counteract these impacts in the wetlands of the community of Telchac, Dzemul, along the northern coast of Yucatan by restoring 735 acres of coastal wetlands and regenerating 345 acres of mangrove forest.It will also evaluate and monitor indicators of habitat enhancement actions success for migratory birds.


Gabriella De La Fuente De Leon
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Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

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