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Better use of directly-observed data in ecosystem simulation models

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University of Miami


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The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 5: Centers of Excellence Research Grant Program


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Environmental Research

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Fish/Fish Habitats

Project Description

Ecological models provide understanding of marine ecosystem conditions, help manage living resources, and guide restoration decisions made after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Eco-models currently applied in the northern Gulf of Mexico (GOM) require monitoring data from various sources, e.g., landings, research surveys and remote-sensing from satellites, but use only a fraction of these data. The goal of this project to improve use of products derived from monitoring data in GOM ecosystem models by: 1) reviewing use of products derived from monitoring data in GoM models; and 2) working with eco-modelers, survey scientists, and fishing industry representatives to suggest survey improvements needed to fill critical data gaps in GOM eco-models.


Babcock, Beth
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Location is center of study area off west coast of FL

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