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Bob Sikes Pier, Parking, and Trail Restoration

Implementing Organization

State of Florida


DWH Project Funding


Known Leveraged Funding


Funding Organization

Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

Funding Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


Project Category

Recreational Use

Project Actions

Engineering and/or Construction

Targeted Resources

Recreational Resources

Project Description

This project will improve access to a fishing pier in the Pensacola area in Escambia County as well as enhancing the quality of the experience for its recreational users. The improvements include: 1) adding solar-powered lighting to illuminate dark areas along the pier and enhance 24-hour usage of the pier; 2) completing a series of minor pier and rail modifications to generally improve the pier’s safety and allow better access for those with physical disabilities; 3) renovating and rehabilitating designated parking areas to improve parking efficiency of visitors and to improve traffic flow leading into and within the pier parking lot; 4) adding an entrance sign and informational/educational signage for pier users (e.g., proper actions to take if a sea turtle should be hooked while fishing); 5) widening and enhancing half mile section of multipurpose (bicycle/pedestrian) access trail that connects the fishing pier to other recreational and commercial areas on the beach.


Pearce Barrett
(850) 245-2106
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