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Portion of Cat Island Acquisition

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Mississippi State


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The Conservation Foundation

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MOEX Supplemental Environmental Projects


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Land Acquisition/Protection

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A portion of Cat Island was acquired by the State of Mississippi in 2013. Cat Island is a well-known natural area used for low impact recreational activities -- swimming, sunbathing, camping, hiking and fishing. Except for the subdivision, which now contains only a couple of houses, the remainder of the island is in a relatively pristine state with a mixture of pine/oak maritime forest, estuarine marsh, sand dunes and beaches. It contains unique, threatened and disappearing habitat types and is home to a number of rare, threatened, endangered species of plants and animals. This acquisition is a significant addition to the Coastal Preserve System and insures that the island remains in a natural condition providing enhanced public access to coastal resources for recreational purposes.


Gerald McWhorter
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