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Weathering of Petroleum and Dispersant Components in the Aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)

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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative GoMRI Grant Program


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Chemical Aspects Research

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The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) drilling rig released an unprecedented amount of crude oil and natural gas into the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). Numerous studies have subsequently examined the fate and transport of the oil, natural gas and dispersants in the aftermath of the spill (e.g. 1-8). Oil entered the water column from the seafloor and settled into a neutrally-buoyant plume (1) or transited to the surface. As well as affecting surface water and coastal environments, the oil impacted deep-water ecosystems and sediments (8).


Elizabeth B. Kujawinski
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