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Visible Light Activated Photocatalysis for the Chemical Evaluation, Photodegradation of Oil-Dispersant Interaction in Deepwater Horizon Oil-Spill

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Tuskegee University


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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)

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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative GoMRI Grant Program


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Oil System Safety Research

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This project is aimed to develop novel photocatalytic degradation technique that utilizes the sunlight and the visible light activated photocatalyst for the evaluation and decontamination of oil/water samples collected from the gulf coast. The photo-oxidation of organic compounds (for example, hydrocarbons, phenol, methyl orange, methylene blue etc.), on the heterogeneous semiconductor oxides (e.g. TiO2, ZnO, ZnFe2O4 etc.) will be extensively studied in the PI's state-of-the-art laboratory facilities at Tuskegee University.


Sesha Srinivasan
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