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North Bay Wastewater System Reuse

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Bay County Board Of County Commisioner


DWH Project Funding


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Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 1: The Direct Component


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Project Actions

Water Quality Restoration and Maintenance

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This project will construct an approximately six-mile-long reuse water main from the North Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to the Gulf Power Lansing Smith Electric Generating Plant (LSP) to supply reclaimed water to the power plant’s cooling tower. The owner of the power plant, Gulf Power, will be the subrecipient and manage the construction project; however, Bay County will be the owner of the reuse water main and be responsible for its maintenance for its Estimated Useful Life of 20 years. The RESTORE Act funds will be used to fund the construction of the reuse water main from the North Bay WWTP to the LSP. Currently, the LSP is permitted to draw water from North Bay as its source for cooling water, which is discharged back into North Bay upon completing the cooling process within the plant. Bay County’s North Bay WWTP produces a treated wastewater effluent that is currently discharged on-site to shallow groundwater through rapid infiltration basins (RIBs). By making the reclaimed water from the WWTP available to the regional power plant, the surface water discharge of cooling water from LSP will be reduced and ultimately eliminated. Spent coolant water will be discharged into an onsite deep underground injection control well that is permitted by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation (FDEP). The discharge to shallow groundwater at the WWTF will be eliminated. This, in turn, will reduce or eliminate associated environmental impacts to North Bay, St. Andrew Bay, and the shallow groundwater system.


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