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Early Career Research Fellow - Marshall Bowles

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LUMCON (Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium)


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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine – Gulf Research Program (NASEM - GRP)

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NASEM Gulf Research Program Fellowships


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Dr. Bowles is an assistant professor at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON). He completed his Ph.D. in biogeochemistry at the University of Georgia using geochemical and environmental microbiology techniques to elucidate patterns of microbial activity in cold seep and hydrothermal environments. After completing his Ph.D., he received the MARUM Postdoctoral fellowship working at the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, within the University of Bremen (Bremen, Germany), where he researched life in deep subsurface environments and focused on sulfur cycling in marine sediments. His current research is largely focused on the microbial ecology of the Gulf of Mexico coast, specifically on how plants interact with microbes in wetland environments. His future research goals are to further characterize and describe microbial activity in cold seep environments and describe the seep to coast connection along the Gulf of Mexico.


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