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Fy20 Restore Workforce Development (Bkt 1)

Implementing Organization

Texas Commission On Environmental Quality


DWH Project Funding


Known Leveraged Funding


Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 1: The Direct Component


Project Category

Human and Social

Project Actions

Education and Outreach

Targeted Resources

Human and/or Institutional Capacity

Project Description

This program is to implement two workforce development and job creation projects. 1. Oyster Resource and Recovery Center (ORRC) project - Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (TAMU). The goal of this project is to create an oyster aquaculture training center, in association with the TAMU Corpus Christi Campus, Harte Research Institute, and recruit program participants. 2. Workforce & Economic Development to Enhance Sustainable Offshore Energy Systems in the Gulf of Mexico - Subsea Systems Institute, University of Houston. The project will create a program that promotes the safe and efficient exploitation of offshore resources by training a workforce able to use new technologies to support safety and risk management.


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