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Perdido Beach Public Access Coastal Protection

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State of Alabama


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

Funding Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Recreational Use

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Engineering and/or Construction

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Recreational Resources

Project Description

This project will fund permitting, design, and construction of shoreline protection breakwaters at two areas of public access to the water in Perdido Beach, Alabama (at Mobile Avenue and Escambia Avenue). Coastal storms and surges and residential hardening of the seawall adjacent to the public access points have resulted in the loss of a large amount of sand at the public access areas, leaving little to no beach for the public to enjoy. Seawalls are located on either side of the beach access. Hardened seawalls tend to cause scouring to the adjacent properties, and the two public access properties have been eroding over time. While the portion of the beach above the mean high-water mark is privately owned, the entire beach area is included in a public easement, and the public has been accessing this site for beach use for nearly 20 years. The public has a right to use and access any of the privately owned areas within the easement. This project will install two shoreline protection projects. Once breakwaters are in place, sand will be hauled in to stabilize and renourish beach areas, and native vegetative planting will be added to further stabilize the shoreline. The State of Alabama will own the renourished beach area, and appropriate documentation confirming this ownership and easement use will be obtained prior to beginning work on this project. This area of Perdido Beach is one of the few areas that does not contain a seawall, and the sand will allow natural drainage and percolation. Vegetation will be planted in strategic areas to provide a buffer and to prevent scouring. This wetland will consist of vegetation that will also on "More Info" link below


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