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Long Term Nesting Habitat Protection for Sea Turtles

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US Department of the Interior


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Species Restoration

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Sea Turtles

Project Description

This project will protect high-density nesting beach habitat and enhance sea turtle hatchling productivity and survival at Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge (ACNWR) located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. ACNWR hosts the highest nesting density beach habitat in the western hemisphere for loggerhead sea turtles. It is also the most significant area for green sea turtle nesting in North America, and it is becoming increasingly important nesting habitat for leatherback sea turtles. The sandy shorelines at ACNWR serve as nesting habitat for sea turtles that spend a portion of their lives in the Gulf of Mexico. The project will provide strategic protection of priority parcels by working with willing sellers to help minimize fragmentation; reduce risk of additional coastal armoring (e.g. rip rap, rock walls, sheet metal pilings); and contribute to overall sea turtle protection, conservation and management objectives. The Trustees will work with multiple partners to implement the project. It is anticipated that additional funding sources will be leveraged to meet overall ACNWR protection goals. Acquisition of priority parcels will be pursued through either fee-simple acquisition or less-than-fee easement acquisition from willing sellers. Conservation of this valuable habitat will reduce human-caused disturbances, reduce future threats, and support sea turtle hatchling survival. The project will target green and loggerhead sea turtles but will also benefit an abundance of coastal resources. Years one through three activities will focus on property acquisition including property appraisals, due diligence tasks, and negotiations on "More Info" link below


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