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State Expenditure Plan #9: Extension of Effluent Force Main from Bayou La Batre WWTF

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Alabama State


DWH Project Funding


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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 3: Spill Impact Component


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Water Quality Restoration and Maintenance

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This project will design, permit, and construct an extension of the City of Bayou La Batre, AL Wastewater Treatment Facility’s (WWTF) effluent discharge outfall line from the current location one mile offshore in Portersville Bay, out five (5) miles into the Mississippi Sound. This solution was based on recommendations from studies investigating the flow and mixing of effluent from the WWTF to determine an optimal outfall location. This is to promote better mixing and to reduce temporary and permanent shellfish closures when flow rates exceed levels indicated by studies to impact oyster leases requiring state health officials to close oyster harvesting. Implementation of this project to prevent shellfish closures will benefit water quality in the Mississippi Sound. Activities also include the comprehensive administration of this grant, including, but not limited to, project development and oversight, contracting, and subrecipient monitoring. The project will be constructed over a 30 month period by the County of Mobile under a subagreement with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


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