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Spawning Habitat and Early-Life Linkages to Fisheries - Phase II

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University of South Florida


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The U.S. Department of Treasury

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The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 5: Centers of Excellence Research Grant Program


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Monitoring and Observations

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Fish/Fish Habitats

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The overall strategy of the SHELF project is to use DNA barcoding to survey fish eggs on the West Florida Shelf (WFS) on an annual basis to develop a long-term fisheries monitoring database, and to conduct targeted studies of anomalies found during the egg surveys. SHELF II will collect samples from 68 stations extending from the Florida Keys to the Alabama border, seasonally targeting collection of eggs of particular species (e.g. groupers or snappers). DNA metabarcoding will be conducted on aggregates of fish eggs in order to produce a list of species encountered at each of the stations. Targeted studies will examine regions of interest (ROI) identified during annual egg surveys, and will include active acoustic surveys, video transects, and a small-scale, local egg survey from the ROI.


Dr. Ernst Peebles
727 553 3983
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SHELF II is a continuation of the SHELF project funded by FLRACEP in 2016.

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