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Gulf Islands National Seashore (Florida) Night Sky Restoration (Planning and Design)

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US Department of the Interior


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

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NOTE: This project is currently on hold while new sampling technologies are incorporated; no change in fund amounts are anticipated This project will improve habitat on Gulf Islands National Seashore (GUIS) by determining the best way to reduce artificial light in the project area, which is a goal identified within the GUIS General Management Plan (National Park Service 2014). The project will be implemented two phases. Phase I includes planning and design (P&D) activities, which will help the Florida Trustee Implementation Group (FL TIG) plan for a future Phase II implementation of retrofits and lighting practices that will help restore and improve coastal habitats at GUIS damaged by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Phase I will generate a report describing upgrading materials and practices for lighting that presently encroaches into and negatively affects habitat on GUIS and, incidentally, nearby coastal and marine areas, in Escambia County, Florida. As light pollution that affects wildlife at GUIS is measured, understood, and incrementally decreased, GUIS habitat will be improved. Specifically, the project will include an assessment of the baseline night sky conditions. An assessment of artificial lighting on coastal habitat will be developed by a) using remote sensing and National Park Service (NPS) data products to measure sky brightness and identify locations within the communities in the project area that disproportionately contribute to light, and b) producing an inventory of municipal lighting currently in use. A detailed strategy to improve the identified problematic lighting will be developed by a) evaluating the on "More Info" link below


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