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City of Port St. Joe Stormwater Improvements

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State of Florida


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Water Quality Restoration and Maintenance

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The project will provide stormwater improvements in Port St. Joe and includes traditional stormwater control measures (SCMs) and development of a stormwater master plan for the City. SCMs are planned for a sub-basin covering approximately 280 acres draining to Patton Bayou and St. Joseph Bay. The project includes construction of approximately 2.5 acres of retrofit treatment pond area near 16th Street with an additional downstream outfall weir added to provide stormwater treatment capacity and improved water quality protection for St. Joseph Bay. Additional work includes improvement of the conveyance system, for enhanced stormwater management and improved treatment efficiency. The stormwater master plan will provide an evaluation of the city’s current stormwater systems through data collection, mapping, watershed delineation, preparation of a stormwater features inventory, development of proposed improvements, and prioritization of watersheds. The plan will allow the city to better address local flooding and to improve water quality treatment within basins that discharge into St. Joseph Bay. Treating stormwater before it enters St. Joseph Bay, a designated Outstanding Florida Water Body, will reduce pollutant loading to an important resource for shellfish and other fisheries and public recreation and help to improve water quality in the bay, which is identified as impaired for nutrients (e.g., total nitrogen) and bacteria on the impaired waters list established by Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Specifically, the project includes: • Construction of SCMs and treatment pond and improvements of existing conveyance on "More Info" link below


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