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Pensacola Beach Reclaimed Water System Expansion

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State of Florida


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Water Quality Restoration and Maintenance

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The project aims to reduce the discharge of nutrients and other pollutants into Santa Rosa Sound by expanding the Emerald Coast Utility Authority’s (ECUA) Pensacola Beach Reclaimed Water System. This project includes making additional reclaimed water available to the Santa Rosa Island Authority for irrigation of more public rights-of-way and making reclaimed water available for irrigation of commercial and residential areas on Santa Rosa Island. The project will implement Phases I-IV of ECUA’s Reclaimed Water Master Plan, which includes constructing pumping facilities, reuse transmission, and distribution lines. Ecological benefits include reduced nutrient loading to Santa Rosa Sound and conservation of potable water and reduced demand on the Sand-and-Gravel aquifer, ECUA’s drinking water source. Implementation of Phases I-IV of the ECUA Reclaimed Water Plan would result in a reuse potential of 0.94 mgd. Combining the current reuse of approximately 120,000 gallons per day with this project would lead to a reduction in approximately 8,500 pounds of annual nitrogen (at permit discharge limits), 2,850 pounds of phosphorus, and 14,000 pounds per year of total suspended solids into Santa Rosa Sound. The improvement in water quality due to reduced wastewater discharge to surface waters is expected to improve and expand submerged aquatic vegetation. Further, fertilizer use on Santa Rosa Island may be reduced because of the nutrients available in reclaimed water.


Pearce Barrett
(850) 245-2106
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