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Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Improvements

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State of Florida


DWH Project Funding


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Funding Organization

Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

Funding Program

Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Recreational Use

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Engineering and/or Construction

Targeted Resources

Recreational Resources

Project Description

The project will provide and enhance recreational opportunities at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park by constructing additional recreational access and amenities. Specifically, the project includes: • Construction of an open-air interpretive pavilion as a waiting area for the tram that currently circulates visitors from the entrance area to the Gulf beach access and Campbell Lake; • Construction of two bike-share stations that would allow visitors to park and ride between the entrance and Gulf beach access areas with the ability to park bicycles at either end; • Construction of an additional boardwalk at the Gulf beach-use area; • Construction of a tram pavilion at the north end of the boardwalk; • Construction of a 10-fixture restroom facility at the north end of the boardwalk; • Construction of a paddle-craft launch on the north shore of Campbell Lake, which would provide recreational access to one of the park’s most significant features; • Replacement of the campground bathhouse with a 25-fixture restroom facility; • Connection of all RV campsites and campground facilities to the central sewer system; • Installation of interpretive signage at the entrance and other areas to educate visitors on the restoration efforts and rare coastal dune lake ecosystem. The extensive dune system at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park protects a remnant example of Florida coastal dune lakes, one of the rarest natural community types in the world. The project will provide visitors the opportunity to experience this remarkable site. The project will enhance public access to the recreation area by providing a tram and bike-share stations, improving on "More Info" link below


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