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Invasive Plant Removal at Gulf Islands National Seashore

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US Department of the Interior


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

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Project Description

This project will treat seven of the most problematic invasive plant species in the Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa, and Perdido Key areas of Gulf Islands National Seashore (GUIS) more comprehensively and aggressively than they are currently treated. The project will help to gradually restore coastal habitats and native plant species in these areas, which will likely allow native animal populations that depend on these coastal habitats and plants to also improve. The project will last for five years. Activities include: 1) locate and map cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica), torpedo grass (Panicum repens), Chinese tallow (Sapium sebiterum), Cuban bulrush (Oxycaryum cubense), beach vitex (Vitex rotundifolia), lantana (Lantana camara), and Japanese climbing fern (Lygodium japonicum); 2) evaluate past and current treatment methods, research new treatment methods, and develop a Treatment Action Plan (TAP); 3) treat these seven species, in accordance with the TAP, for five years and reduce their populations to sizes that can be more easily managed in the future. Both chemical and mechanical treatment methods will be used, as appropriate; 4) monitor treatment success regularly to determine the treatment plan for the following year; 5) prepare a project completion report that describes the work done, but also includes recommendations for future treatments; and 6) use information gathered and knowledge gained to provide the basis for an Exotic Plant Management Plan for GUIS, should the park wish to prepare one.


Ashley Warren
(850) 232-3640
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