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Lower Perdido Islands Restoration - Phase I

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

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The project will develop a proactive and unified strategy for protecting the ecological functions of the Perdido Islands complex in Orange Beach, Alabama. A conservation management plan will be developed to evaluate the most appropriate methods for minimizing adverse impacts on sensitive habitats and a sediment modeling study will be conducted to provide information on erosion in order to inform future habitat restoration activities on the islands. Project elements include identifying and describing the issues (such as erosion) and evaluating and recommending shoreline protection and restoration, Submerged Aquatic Vegetation protection, and other habitat protection strategies. Specific activities may include a habitat survey, baseline monitoring, recreational use monitoring/behavioral observations, preliminary permit and compliance investigations, stakeholder coordination, and identification of factors that may assist in restoration and improved conservation. Interim habitat protection/enhancement activities will also be implemented as part of this project and include: 1) the installation of educational signage regarding nesting bird habitat, seagrass areas, general ecological features, and/or pet and litter control; 2) vegetative plantings for bird nesting habitat, and 3) marine debris collection and monitoring.


Stella Wilson
(251) 544-5016
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