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Cross-TIG Monitoring and Adaptive Management (MAM) work group

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; State of Alabama; State of Florida; State of Louisiana; State of Mississippi; State of Texas; US Department of Agriculture; US Department of the Interior; US Environmental Protection Agency


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Natural Resource Damage Assessment Trustees (NRDA)

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Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA


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Monitoring and Observations

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The Cross-Trustee Implementation Group (TIG) Monitoring and Adaptive Management (MAM) work group provides a forum for coordination on MAM topics relevant to multiple TIGs. It was established by the Trustee Council to carry out the MAM responsibilities described in the final Programmatic Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan (PDARP) and the Trustee Council Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The work group consists of one primary and one alternate representative with technical expertise from each of the four federal agencies and the five Gulf States who are able to reflect the perspectives and needs of each of the TIGs. It provides recommendations to the Trustee Council regarding MAM responsibilities, procedures, and guidelines, and operates on a consensus basis. The role of the Cross-TIG MAM work group is to: (1) develop recommendations for the Trustee Council on guidance for implementing monitoring and adaptive management of the restoration effort for the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resources Damage Assessment; (2) develop a structure for management of restoration monitoring data; (3) establish mechanisms to aggregate and synthesize monitoring data and other information collected across all TIGs for each Restoration Type at appropriate intervals to evaluate collective progress toward meeting restoration goals and objectives; (4) support the TIGs and implementing Trustees on MAM topics, when requested; and (5) develop processes and mechanisms to engage and coordinate with other restoration and science programs in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information please visit on "More Info" link below


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