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Dispersion Research on Oil: Physics and Plankton Studies III (DROPPS III)

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Johns Hopkins University


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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)

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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative GoMRI Grant Program


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Physical Aspects Research

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The goal of DROPPS III is to complete our investigations and modeling of biological, physical, and chemical processes affecting the fate of crude oil spills, including physical breakup and dispersion of oil patches, interactions of petroleum with marine organisms, microbes and particles, biodegradation of oil, and the impact of aerosolized oil on public health. Collaborative research that the consortium members have performed under the DROPPS I and DROPPS II funding cycles has led to numerous new findings and development of unique facilities and capabilities to measure and model interactions of oil with its environment. A substantial fraction of the DROPPS III effort will focus on wrapping up and/or extending the scope of these on-going investigations, while others are aimed at addressing new questions introduced by recent findings. Attention will be paid to improved integration of the discoveries in physics, biology and public health in order to produce legacy products that will make our research more accessible to scientists, educators, decision makers and the general public.


Edward J. Buskey
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