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Development of Portable Lab-on-CD Instrument for In-Situ and High Precision Detection of Spilled Oil Particles in Coastal Water System

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Louisiana State University


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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)

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Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative GoMRI Grant Program


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Oil System Safety Research

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According to the Special Monitoring Applied Response Technologies (SMART) protocol developed by U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when dispersants are used during oil spill response, the Unified Command needs to know whether the operation is effective in dispersing the oil. In-situ monitoring devices are needed for rapid collection of real-time data. This proposal targets to develop new instrument for improved detection associated with oil spills. The goal is to develop a highly sensitive and portable instrument that can be used for in-situ detection of spilled oil. The device will have much higher sensitivity, lower cost, easier to operate and maintain, and with smaller size compared with the existing technologies. The applications of the instrument are not limited to oil detection and may also be used to measure any organic samples that can be measured in fluorescence detection principle.


Wanjun Wang
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