Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Quality Improvement Program

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Implementing Organization
State of Mississippi

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Funding Organization

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 3: Spill Impact Component

Project Location: Mississippi

Funding Source: Transocean and Anadarko
Controlling Document: The RESTORE Act
Year Awarded: 2018

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Project Description

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (RESTORE Council) has identified restoration of water quality as a restoration goal. Further, as a result of multiple stakeholder engagement forums the State of Mississippi has prioritized the improvement of water quality for promoting ecosystem health, and restoring and revitalizing Mississippiis economy. Restoration and improvement of water quality, as a natural resource, will benefit the marine/coastal ecosystems, habitats, and fisheries, as well as the economy of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. Water quality impairment in coastal systems is a global phenomenon that is not only limited to nutrient pollution and associated hypoxia, but also tied with bacteriological impairment. There are numerous freshwater inputs into Mississippiis bays, estuaries, and the Mississippi Sound, including inputs from urban systems, that result in alterations to water quality. This change in water quality is often associated with changes in water column conditions (i.e., hypoxia, eutrophication, and bacterial loads), and can also lead to the body of water not meeting its intended use (i.e., recreation or fishery). A significant amount of water quality impairment is attributed to urban runoff, discharge, and overflow issues associated with wastewater management.

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Project ID: 898
Project Name: Mississippi Gulf Coast Water Quality Improvement Program
SourceUID: EGID58
Latitude: 30.52705499
Longitude: -89.03059999
Country: United States of America
State or Province: Mississippi
County: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson
Project Category: Science
Project Action: Monitoring and Observations
Additional Project Action(s):
Additional Project Action(s):
Targeted Resource(s): Other
Targeted Resource(s):
Targeted Resource(s):
Anticipated Project Completion Year: 2023
Implementing Organization: State of Mississippi
Implementing Organization Type: State
Point of Contact – Name: None
Point of Contact – Phone: None
Point of Contact – Email: None
Other Partners: None
Affiliated Institutions: None
Link: https://restorethegulf.gov/sites/default/files/MS%20State%20Expenditure%20Plan%20Amendment%202017%202.12.18_FINAL_508Compliance.pdf
Project Comments: None
Acres Acquired: 0
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Close day: 0
Purchase Type: None
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Purpose: None
Public Access: None
Easement Holder Name : None
Easement Holder Type: None
Secondary Easement Holder 1: None
Secondary Easement Holder 2: None
Duration: None
Term: 0
Land Restoration Acreage: 0
Aquatic Restoration Acreage: 0
Restoration Mileage: 0
Restoration Feet: 0
Additional Acreage: None
Total Dollar Amount (from all funders): 14326789
DWH Funder: Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council
DWH Funder Type: Consortium
DWH Funding Program: The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 3: Spill Impact Component
DWH Dollar Amount : 14326789
DWH Source: Transocean and Anadarko
Fund Origin: Civil Settlement
Controlling Documents: The RESTORE Act
Award Year: 2018
Award Month: 0
Total Amount Leveraged: 0