Lee’S Landing Boat Launch Repair-Reconstruction

Project Overview

Implementing Organization
Tangipahoa Parish Government

DWH Project Funding


Known Leveraged Funding


Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 1: The Direct Component

Project Location: Louisiana

Funding Source: Transocean and Anadarko
Controlling Document: The RESTORE Act
Year Awarded: 2016

Project Details

Project Category

Project Actions

Targeted Resources

Human and / or Recreational Use Built Environment

Project Description

This first local project is the reconstruction of the Lee’s Landing boat launch, which is in very poor physical condition, and has been severely damaged by a number of man-made and storm incidents. This boat launch is important because it is the primary public access point to the lower portions of the Tangipahoa River and into Lake Pontchartrain. The site of this facility is located on public property owned by Tangipahoa Parish.This boat launch is used by emergency responders, as well as the general public, and by the State Wildlife agents as an entry point into the vast Joyce Wildlife Management area, owned by the State and bordering this area. This use of the boat launch is essential, especially because of it as a main access point used by the public to access fishing grounds, and for those responders to incidents such as the BP oil spill. The proposed project is an eligible Restore Act Activity 6, “infrastructure benefiting the local economy and ecological resources”; and also Activity 9, “Promotion of tourism in the Gulf Coast region, including recreational fishing”.

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Project ID: 615
Project Name: Lee’S Landing Boat Launch Repair-Reconstruction
SourceUID: RDCGR440007
Latitude: 30.40507108
Longitude: -90.32517125
Country: United States of America
State or Province: Louisiana
County: Tangipahoa
Project Category: Recreational Use
Project Action: Engineering and/or Construction
Additional Project Action(s): Tourism Development and Promotion
Additional Project Action(s):
Targeted Resource(s): Human and/or Recreational Use
Targeted Resource(s): Built Environment
Targeted Resource(s):
Anticipated Project Completion Year: 2018
Implementing Organization: Tangipahoa Parish Government
Implementing Organization Type: Local
Point of Contact – Name: None
Point of Contact – Phone: None
Point of Contact – Email: None
Other Partners: None
Affiliated Institutions: None
Link: https://www.treasury.gov/services/restore-act/Pages/Direct%20Component/Direct-Component.aspx
Project Comments: At this time, U.S. Department of Treasury cannot confirm the accuracy of this information. Please go to https://www.treasury.gov/services/restore-act/Pages/home.aspx for the latest information about this project.
Acres Acquired: 0
Close Year: 0
Close Month: 0
Close day: 0
Purchase Type: None
Landowner: None
Landowner Type: None
Purpose: None
Public Access: None
Easement Holder Name : None
Easement Holder Type: None
Secondary Easement Holder 1: None
Secondary Easement Holder 2: None
Duration: None
Term: 0
Land Restoration Acreage: 0
Aquatic Restoration Acreage: 0
Restoration Mileage: 0
Restoration Feet: 0
Additional Acreage: 0
Total Dollar Amount (from all funders): 558257
DWH Funder: The U.S. Department of Treasury
DWH Funder Type: Federal
DWH Funding Program: The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 1: The Direct Component
DWH Dollar Amount : 558257
DWH Source: Transocean and Anadarko
Fund Origin: Civil Settlement
Controlling Documents: The RESTORE Act
Award Year: 2016
Award Month: 6
Total Amount Leveraged: 0