Vertical upwelling and bottom-boundary layer dispersal at a natural seep site

Project Overview

Implementing Organization
University of Georgia Research Foundation

DWH Project Funding


Known Leveraged Funding


Funding Organization

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)

Funding Program

GoMRI RFP-V: Investigator Grant

Project Location: Multiple States1

Funding Source: BP
Controlling Document: GOMRI Master Research Agreement
Year Awarded: 2016

Project Details

Project Category

Project Actions

Physical Aspects Research

Targeted Resources

Human and / or Institutional Capacity
Hydrocarbon Seeps and Chemosynthetic Communities

Project Description

The physical understanding of the vertical upwelling velocity and bottom boundary layer dispersal of a hydrocarbon seep in the Gulf of Mexico is extremely limited due to paucity of direct long-term measurements and to the time variability of the bubble plumes and boundary layer dynamics. We aim to 1) measure the vertical upwelling velocity of a natural hydrocarbon seep at GC600 or GC185 and its role in vertical transport of methane and oil to the surface and 2) investigate the turbulent bottom boundary layer dynamics that causes horizontal and vertical dispersal, including resuspension of hydrocarbon-containing deposits. The new measurements collected in the context of the proposed project provide a useful complement to the measurements taken during ECOGIG-2.

Project Contact

Project Partners


Affiliated Institutions

Columbia University

Project ID: 521
Project Name: Vertical upwelling and bottom-boundary layer dispersal at a natural seep site
SourceUID: 270
Latitude: 33.945448
Longitude: -83.376019
Country: United States of America
State or Province: GA, NY
Project Category: Science
Project Action: Physical Aspects Research
Additional Project Action(s):
Additional Project Action(s):
Targeted Resource(s): Human and / or Institutional Capacity
Targeted Resource(s): Hydrocarbon Seeps and Chemosynthetic Communities
Targeted Resource(s): Petroleum
Anticipated Project Completion Year: 2018
Implementing Organization: University of Georgia Research Foundation
Implementing Organization Type: State
Point of Contact – Name: Daniela Di Iorio
Point of Contact – Phone:
Point of Contact – Email: None
Other Partners: None
Affiliated Institutions: Columbia University
Project Comments: None
Acres Acquired: 0
Close Year: 0
Close Month: 0
Close day: 0
Purchase Type: None
Landowner: None
Landowner Type: None
Purpose: None
Public Access: None
Easement Holder Name : None
Easement Holder Type: None
Secondary Easement Holder 1: None
Secondary Easement Holder 2: None
Duration: None
Term: 0
Land Restoration Acreage: 0
Aquatic Restoration Acreage: 0
Restoration Mileage: 0
Restoration Feet: 0
Additional Acreage: 0
Total Dollar Amount (from all funders): 1204900
DWH Funder: Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)
DWH Funder Type: Private
DWH Funding Program: GoMRI RFP-V: Investigator Grant
DWH Dollar Amount : 1204900
DWH Source: BP
Fund Origin: Voluntary Agreement
Controlling Documents: GOMRI Master Research Agreement
Award Year: 2016
Award Month: 1
Total Amount Leveraged: 0
Completeness: P

  1. This map shows the location of the primary institution tasked with implementing the project.