Study will examine long-term effects of DwH on large deep-sea fishes

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Implementing Organization
Florida State University

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Funding Organization

The U.S. Department of Treasury

Funding Program

The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 5: Centers of Excellence Research Grant Program

Project Location: Florida

Funding Source: Transocean
Controlling Document: The RESTORE Act
Year Awarded: 2015

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Project Actions

Environmental Research Monitoring and Observations

Targeted Resources

Fish / Fish Habitats

Project Description

Prior to the Deepwater Horizon (DwH) oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico (GoM), knowledge was limited concerning continental slope fish communities, particularly for mobile bottom-dwelling fishes not adequately sampled using typical gear (grabs, sleds and trawls). The spill occurred at 1,500 meters and oil still resides in these depths five years later. The investigators’ Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative study since 2011 on the ecology of fishes, sharks and hagfishes show that some species experienced negative physiological effects from oil exposure, which showed up three years after the spill. This project will continue monitoring distribution and toxicological responses, providing a 7-year time series for examining spill impacts and damages.

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University of North Florida

Project ID: 379
Project Name: Study will examine long-term effects of DwH on large deep-sea fishes
SourceUID: flracep-2015-06
Latitude: 29.33
Longitude: -87.45
Country: United States of America
State or Province: Florida
County: Unknown
Project Category: Science
Project Action: Environmental Research
Additional Project Action(s): Monitoring and Observations
Additional Project Action(s):
Targeted Resource(s): Fish / Fish Habitats
Targeted Resource(s):
Targeted Resource(s):
Anticipated Project Completion Year: 2017
Implementing Organization: Florida State University
Implementing Organization Type: Academic
Point of Contact – Name: Grubbs, Dean
Point of Contact – Phone:
Point of Contact – Email: 850-697-2067
Other Partners: None
Affiliated Institutions: University of North Florida
Project Comments: Location is center of study area
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Additional Acreage: None
Total Dollar Amount (from all funders): 293960
DWH Funder: The U.S. Department of Treasury
DWH Funder Type: Federal
DWH Funding Program: The RESTORE Act Funds Bucket 5: Centers of Excellence Research Grant Program
DWH Dollar Amount : 293960
DWH Source: Transocean
Fund Origin: Civil Settlement
Controlling Documents: The RESTORE Act
Award Year: 2015
Award Month: 10
Total Amount Leveraged: 0