Sources of Information

The DWH Project Tracker team receives information on projects directly from the settlement funding entities. For example, information on projects funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) come directly from NFWF to DHW Project Tracker.

Populating Database and Frequency of Updates

Project information is loaded to a geodatabase that powers all mapping, searching, and reporting functions of the website. New information on projects will be added to the database and published every quarter.

Partner Responsibilities

The Trust for Public Land and Ducks Unlimited will gather and populate the database with information received from sources. The Trust for Public Land built the database and developed the code for searches and reporting in coordination with Ducks Unlimited on certain technical aspects. The Gulf of Mexico Alliance developed the publicly accessible website and web portal, including all static content. The Trust for Public Land and DU will provide technical assistance to users who need help navigating the searches and reporting features of the site.


Legislative Analysis – Users are able to summarize data by legislative districts. These reports will provide summaries in two way: 1) A sum of all acreage influenced/acquired and dollars awarded that fall entirely within one specific district 2) A sum of all acreage influenced/acquired and dollars awarded that fall within multiple legislative districts.

Acreage Summaries – Some projects are funded by multiple partners or settlement sources. When summing on all projects in a project category or across the database we count acreage under one primary sponsor. This prevents counting the same acreage more than once.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Each project is only assigned one category